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Pulse LED indicates working of meter,Pulse output with optical coupling isolation reverse LED indicates the reverse current direction or wire reverse connect
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The meter is designed to measure single phase two wire AC active energy . It adopt LSI and SMT technology , the key component are long life international brand product. All of its functions comply with the relative technical requirement for class 1 single phase watt hour meter in IEC62053-21. It is a long life meter with the advantage of high stability , high over load capability , low power loss and anti-tamper function.
Basic Function
★mechanical step register 5 integers +1 decimal, anti-reverse protection,
★Bi-directional total active energy measurement ,reverse active energy measure in the total active energy
★Anti-tamper function : also measure when connect to earth , bypass , or add resistor in circuit. If phase line and neutral line load is different >12.5%, the meter will measure as the bigger load circuit . there is three LED indication : tamper , reverse ,impulse LED .
★Pulse LED indicates working of meter,Pulse output with optical coupling isolation
★Insulated protective-class II ,Case protective class IP54 by IEC60529
★bakelite meter base , glass meter cover , ABS terminal cover
LED indictation Display format
Impulse Flash when there is load and is working
Reverse Light when phase Incoming and outgoing interchanged or when neutral Incoming and outgoing interchanged
Tamper Light when  phase load and neutral load different >12.5%  and  power >40W . (such as to earth )

Wire connection

Outline dimension

Rate voltage 240V
Working voltage range 0.8~1.2Un
Rate Current 10(60)A
Frequency 60Hz+5%
Connection mode Direct type
Display mechanical step register  
Accuracy class 1.0
Power consumption <0.5W/10VA
Start current 0.004Ib
Constant 1600 imp/kWh
Pulse output Passive pulse, pulse width is 80+5 ms
Short time over-current 2000A
Power consumption
Voltage circuit 《0.5W/1VA
Current circuit 《0.2VA
AC voltage withstand 4000V/25mA for 60 sec
Impulse voltage withstand 1.2/50us pulse waveform 6KV
Executive standard IEC62053-21,IEC62052-11
Work temperature -30℃~75℃
Storage temperature -40℃~80℃
Outline dimension LXMXH 189x150x73mm (long terminal cover)

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